Updated 29 March 2008 C.E.

New Wands and Staffs!




Welcome to Bonnie's Catsmeow! This is a magical place for lovers of boudoir dolls,antiques, cats and Fantasy!
I am a long time collector of boudoir dolls also known as Flapper dolls, Bed dolls, Deco dolls and smoking dolls. My collection is huge!

I love to share photos of my dolls and now and then have dolls for sale. These boudoir dolls are all from my collection and in excellent condition. I am not a doll dealer. I love to Buy, swap and sell. My favorites are Lenci Salon dolls from the 1920' and 1930's, Blossom  boudoir dolls, Etta, Cubeb, Sterling and Anita doll companies- and unusual dolls like  Rosalinde boudoir dolls.


I also participate an Renaissance and fantasy faires, I am a Wizard! I enjoy hand crafting wizard magic  wands and staffs from wood and quartz crystal. You will find my creations for sale HERE! They are suitable for fairies, Elves, LOTR fans and lovers of Harry Potter and fantasy! Enjoy Bonnie's Catsmeow and do come by often!


I would like to thank the visitors to my site!

They come from all over the world!

U.S.A., United Kingdom, Turkey, France, Germany, Slovak Republic, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal, Seychelles & Lithuania



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